I’m actually not convinced that doge is a more difficult syntax, actually; I think the opposite is true, at least from a purely grammatical/syntactical perspective. I’d be glad to hear from an actual linguist, since it’s not my official field, but this is my impression.

Doge possesses no verbs, even after the markers (here, the intensifiers) are introduced. LOLcat, on the other hand, has at least four different identifiable verb forms; it has the copula, the present tense, the progressive, and a simplified past tense in which all endings are resolved to -ed (e.g. “i made you a cookie but i eated it”)*.

(*—I’m aware that I’m mixing tense and aspect here, which is why I use “forms” and not either tense or aspect, as my aim is to show the variety of functions the verb can appear in within a LOLcat expression.)

On the other hand, LOLcat tends to not take compounds, be they compound nouns, adjective-noun pairs, or even non-compounded noun abstractions (i.e. in the LOLphilosophers meme, you would be more likely to see “im in ur base, challenging ur superstructure” than “im in ur episteme, exposin the prduction of scientifik knowlidg”). (Both dialects seem to eschew prepositional phrases equally so that’s a draw.)

Basically—doge seems to have a simpler, or at least more regimented, grammatical structure than LOLcat, which in turn seems to allow it to explore more complex philosophical ideas annnnnnd I’ll just show myself out.

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